How will I get access to the hall?

For one-off bookings a volunteer will meet you at the hall at the start time of your booking to let you in and show you round. Please allow time to go through the Hirers Fire and Safety checklist.

Can we come in to set up early?

No, there could be a booking immediately before and/or after yours. When making your booking include adequate time for setting up and clearing away.

What are the rules about alcohol?

If you intend to serve or sell alcohol you must advise us when you make your booking.

CDVH does not have a licence to sell alcohol and Hirers must apply to Cornwall Council for a TEN (temporary event notification) licence if they intend to make any charge for alcohol – even within ticket sales. A copy of the TEN licence must be displayed at the event.

We may request a refundable deposit for any booking where alcohol is served.

Do I need my own insurance?

Any business/commercial hirers should arrange their own insurance. (For insurance purposes any hirer of our hall making, or intending to make, any money from their activity will be classed as a commercial party.)

However, Hirers should note that their own property or equipment belonging to a third party is not covered by our insurance and should never be left at the hall without our prior agreement.

We have Public and Product Liability including libel and slander. The standard limit of indemnity is £2m. Which provides protection against our legal liability for injury to the public or for loss of or damage to property.

• Indemnity to the hirer – also automatically included is cover for individuals and/or groups hiring our hall for a private function who have no public liability cover of their own. The cover is only provided for non-commercial activities which are for the benefit of the local community.

Bouncy Castles –the Hall’s Public Liability insurance specifically excludes cover for the use of Bouncy Castles. We recommend you take out your own insurance, you must state this when booking and proof of insurance must be provided.  Please also let us know who you will be hiring the equipment from.

How many people can the hall accommodate?

The maximum people standing is 120 for the Main Hall, 60 for the New Hall and 30 for the Meeting Room. These numbers assume you have no other equipment – chairs, tables, staging etc. in the room. See the Hall Facilities page and Fire Safety Guidance for more information. There will be an additional charge for bookings of more than 60 people in the Main Hall and more than 40 people in the New Hall. Please check when you book.

Can I hire in Caterers?

Our kitchen is unlikely to be suitable for large scale food preparation or cooking. Hirers intending to cater for larger numbers (over 50) should discuss their requirements with the Booking Officer/Manager and advise them if outside Caterers are to be used. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the Caterer is made aware of the Terms and Conditions of hire and should ensure that the booked period allows for the Caterer to unload and set up for refreshments and clear away afterwards.

What do I do with any rubbish?

All rubbish, including recycling, must be taken away with you please.

Can I bring my own/hired equipment to my event?

Yes. This must be made clear when you book – some of the more common requests are for the following:

Bouncy Castles –the Hall’s Public Liability insurance specifically excludes cover for the use of Bouncy Castles. It may be possible to accommodate one (in the Main Hall only and size restricted) if you opt to take out your own insurance this must be discussed at the time of Booking and proof of insurance must be provided.

Glow sticks/mist machines – the use of glow-sticks & chemical mist machines (which will set off the fire alarm) is not permitted.

Discos/Entertainers –hirers are responsible for advising all such third parties of the relevant hire regulations and Fire Safety Guidance. Time must be allowed for setting up and clearing away.

Are there any restrictions on noise?

Unless you have booked the whole building, you should restrict noise in your hall/room to a reasonable level to avoid disturbance and annoyance to those using the other halls/rooms.

Hirers are responsible for ensuring that no nuisance is caused to nearby residents. Our Premises Licence has strict conditions on noise levels. Music must stop by 11pm. The playing of music, singing, acting or dancing is not allowed outside the building.

What time can I finish?

Clearing up should be completed at the end of your booking and you should leave the premises no later than 11.30pm.

Do I have to carry out a Risk Assessment?

For some events, especially those involving children and vulnerable adults, it will be appropriate to carry out a risk assessment before-hand. If you have any queries about this, please ask.

If I have booked the Hall on behalf of an organisation or another family member, do I have to stay on the premises for the duration of the hire? 

If the Hirer is not going to be present, they must provide details (name, phone number and email) of the ‘responsible person’ who will remain on the premises throughout the booking.

You should note that any Hirer may not sub-let the Hall or any part of the building during their period of hire.